Beauty: The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

by - April 29, 2015

Before this year I'd never really bothered with The Body Shop, I mean I'd tried the odd body butter but I didn't get the obsession. When my birthday came round in February my boyfriend kindly bought me the "drops of youth" night cream and I loved it!

So, naturally, when my day time moisturiser ran out I headed to The Body Shop to see what they had in terms of a day cream. Introducing the seaweed mattifying day cream.

Simple packaging
I decided to go with this product because of the mattifying feature. I have, shall we say, annoying skin - it's patchy, it's dry, it's oily and if I'm not careful I can look a bit shiny after a few hours.

So what do The Body Shop claim?  
Moisturises dry areas, balances excess sebum and gives a matte, shine free complexion. 

i.e. everything I'm looking for in a day cream! Well, I call it a cream but in fact the texture is more of a soft gel.

The "gel" like texture
I'm loving using this product, I've used it everyday for 2 months now and it really delivers. I wouldn't say my dry patches are completely gone, but they're much better than other creams I've tried. The oily areas are definitely more under control and best of all my face is matte!
If I wanted a dewy look I'd rather add that in myself with makeup than have a greasy face.

At £11 this is a good low-mid range moisturiser that does everything it says. This is listed as a best seller on the website and I'd say there's a good reason why! I certainly would recommend it.

If you have problem skin that needs a bit of control why don't you give it go! Or if you've used this before what do you think?

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  1. I love this collection from Bodyshop. Have you tried their E vitamin range? It's so good for dry skin
    I love your blog btw- Followed on Bloglovin

    1. Thank you so much :) that really means a lot!
      I've tried it once before but it was a loooong time ago now, I've been thinking of picking it up again sometime soon!

  2. I very rarely shop in the body shop but next time I go in there I think i'll take a look at something like this. (:

    1. The drops of youth line is really good too! It's not a shop I go in often either but I'm starting to like it more

  3. sounds like a great little product :)

    I am following you now , your blog is great :)