Reviewed: Avengers Age of Ultron

by - April 24, 2015

12A | 2h 21 min | Sci-Fi, Action

After retrieving Loki’s spectre, which was hidden in a secret Hydra base, Tony Stark realises the potential of a stone in the artefact and believes it can be used to create an artificial intelligence capable of protecting earth and bringing peace – Ultron.
However things turn sour when it turns out Ultron won’t be on the Avengers side after all, he has one mission – destroy the human race. Tony and Bruce have been carrying out this experiment unbeknown to his fellow Avengers and the team begins to unravel (with the help of the mysterious twins).
But it will take everyone to stop the powerful force that is Ultron and save humans from extinction.


My thoughts:
Overall this was a great film, it was action packed from the start and had the ability to switch from a light hearted comedy to a serious drama.
This film also focused more on Hawkeye which at first I thought would be a little annoying (I mean he’s not the coolest Avenger) but it was actually very good to learn more about his character and to see more depth to him.
The relationship of Black widow and Hulk adds an extra dimension to the film but manages to successfully take a back seat from the main storyline; I can’t say I’d be a fan of too much of their story (although perhaps that is something that will happen in the next film).
Whether you’re a superhero film fan or not you have to admit when it comes to the Avengers franchise (so the Iron-Man and Captain America films included) Marvel really know how to make a good sequel – it’s a shame  they can’t apply this to the Spiderman films!
This is a great film, well worth a watch, and suitable for almost any age. If you’ve no plans this weekend head down to the cinema and watch it – although perhaps watch Captain America the winter solider first to avoid any confusion right at the start.

Score: 8.5/10

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