Reviewed: John Wick

by - April 11, 2015

15 | 1h 41min | Action Thriller


The film begins with title character John Wick in quite a state, crashing his car and clearly badly hurt and watching a video of his late wife. Rewind to the beginning of events and John is struggling to cope with the loss of his wife until surprise delivery from her gives John something to focus his energy on - an adorable (albeit too well trained) puppy!
Unfortunately things quickly take a turn for the worst when burglars come to steal his car and kill his dog. John Wick, actually a retired hit man, decided that he must take vengeance and return to his old lifestyle to seek out the dog killer. 


Overall I have to say I enjoyed this film, the short(ish) running time meant that the film was action packed and always had something interesting happening. 
Keanu Reeves played a likeable main character with cameo appearances from Willam Defoe and John Leguizamo. Alfie Allen's role as the bratty and horrid son of a crime lord is well portrayed - you really will hate him!
The film was occasionally comical in the way John Wick's reputation preceded him, particularly with the "cleaners". John Wick's fighting style must have been particularly easy for Reeves to pick up, the nightclub scene in particular involves an awful lot of action and if you had left the room and returned during it you'd be forgiven for thinking you might have walked into a new version of the matrix - until he's punched in the face of course. 
Another notable point of the film is the soundtrack, have a listen here for a sample of what you could be hearing. 
So to conclude, John Wick is an action packed story of revenge with a heartfelt motive. It will make you laugh, make you sad and make you con sider learning a few martial arts! Worth a watch if you're looking for a night out at the movies sometime soon!

John Wick hit screens on 10th April 2015 in the UK 

Score 7/10 

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