D.I.Y Everyday Cotton T-Shirt

by - May 29, 2015

Now lets start with a disclaimer: I'm not much of a sewer! So when it came to making my own T-Shirt I turned to the one expert I know when it comes to clothes making - my Mum (big hand for her hand modelling too :P )

Now perhaps another disclaimer as to what makes me want to make my own clothing: I think the quality of clothing for the price in many high street shops is poor. It's as simple as that! Pattern matching being my biggest bug bear!! As you can see from the pocket we add I think patterns should line up. It's just plain lazy to stick it in any old place - I'm thinking here of the Alexander McQueen shirt I bought for my boyfriend at Christmas, it was all over the place!

Can you see the pocket? Pro pattern matching here!
I found this material in the sale section of my local knitting shop and I had to snap it up straight away,  with no idea in mind as to what to do, but light grey and yellow? If you're new here you might not yet be familiar with my obsession with this colour scheme but believe me I have a big one!

The material is from a brand called......
It's a nice lightweight cotton so I thought, why not make a T-Shirt? To make this top I used an existing top I liked the size and shape of to draw out a template onto my material - a big thank you to my handy model.

Marking out the basic shape 
 After pinning the top onto the material it was time to cut out the basic shape - I'd like to point out at this point you don't need a load of fancy things like a cutting mat you can literally do this on the bed like us :)

The basic shape. 
 Now that we have the basic shape we pinned the front and back together and had a few trying on sessions in order to perfect the shape. This involved lots of trimmings and pinnings. But the way to make a top fit right is to perfect it as you go along!

Ironing the seams. 
 Before everything could be sewn together the material was pressed, this was to fold over where the seams would be going (and the darts that we decided to add to the chest area) This helps you to hold everything in place when using the sewing machine. If you're wondering about that odd little square in the middle I decided to go with a pocket!

Sewing everything together.
So then it was just a case of getting the old sewing machine out and slowly putting it all together! We even overlocked the seams before stitching them down to get a really neat finish!

I have to say I'm really pleased with the finished result it feels so good to wear something that you helped to create! Obviously I had an awful lot of help from my lovely Mother but this is definitely something I'd love to get more practice at!!

Have you ever tried making your own clothes? I'd love to hear all of your experiences!!

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  1. I´d probably sew myself to the shirt if I tried making one myself...

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Haha I couldn't have got far without help on this one!

  2. This is so cute! I've tried to make my own clothes and miserably failed, so I'm super impressed by this :) It's perfect for the spring and summer.
    Brooke | brookewrote

    1. Thanks! I'm more a knitter than sewer so it was nice to branch out!

  3. great DIY! thank you so much for sharing :)

    Love Peace and Shimmer

  4. Nice! I prefer to buy clothes because I have zero sewing skills, but this looks really pretty ;)

    Pam Scalfi♥

    1. it's only a tiny section of my wardrobe that's homemade! Glad you like it!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This is cool, love it!