D.I.Y. Lattice Stud T-Shirt

by - May 10, 2015

So I was getting a bit crafty this weekend and thought I would customise a simple v-neck black T-Shirt. This is a fairly simple one and took about an hour and a half - that includes messing about with my camera.

A really simple but effective design! 
For the tutorial you'll need:

  • A plain T-Shirt, definitely jersey and preferable v-neck, this one was £2.80 from Primark. 
  • Pyramid studs, I chose to use these 7mm gold studs I found on ebay - here.
  • Some chalk that's been filed to a point
  • A pair of scissors. 
This is a talk through tutorial so I hope it's clear to follow - Enjoy!

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  1. I love a bit of DIY! This looks absolutely fabulous :)

    X Emma | www.missemmacharlotte.com

    1. Thanks! I'm obsessed with the studs now :)

  2. Now I know what to do with my old shirts, this DIY is perfect!