Give it a go: Scuba Diving

by - May 12, 2015

I thought today I'd share with you my first experience of scuba diving. This is a post I've wanted to do as I'm sure there are many people out there who are interested in having a go but don't really know much about it - I was definitely one of those!

Scuba diving is made to look so very easy in TV and film and I have to admit there wasn't a doubt in my mind that I'd instantly take to it and be exploring the bottom of the ocean - I was completely wrong!

My diving experience took place in Naama Bay, Egypt, famed for what the Red Sea has to offer Egypt is one of the hottest diving spots around and for those that do get to experience it then it's obvious why. I however was not one of those people.

Tiran Island as viewed from my hotel's beach in Nabq Bay
My diving course was an introductory session for complete beginners, it started out with a classroom style talk of the do's and don'ts as well as basic signals and how to equalise your body with the pressure change.

Once you've taken a little (and don't worry it's easy) test you're ready to don the gear and head to the water. Let me tell you now, that walk to the water, it's a bit tough! You're loaded up with weights and air tanks and I found myself waddling to the sea it weighed me down so much!

Once you're floating in the water it's time to start practising your skills, this is where my trouble began.
The skill section involves kneeling on the bottom in a shall area of water and practising what you learnt on the shore; hand signals so you know how to communicate with the other divers, how to find your regulator if you take it out and lose it and how to clear your mask amongst other things.
I actual enjoyed doing the skills but it was as far as I would go.
What I really struggled with was breathing.

Despite the constant reminder signalling of my instructor to "calm down" and "breathe" I simply couldn't get the hang of it! There's something so strange about knowing you have to breathe out of your mouth that makes you absolutely desperate to breathe out of your nose!
I managed to calm my breathing enough to go a little deeper and see a few fish but I really was struggling.

Fish swimming by the beach - beautifully clear water!
In the end I had to signal to go up and tell my instructor I just couldn't hack it! The thought of finding it difficult to breathe in the shallows made me far to scared to head down any deeper.

So what's my advise for those of you who are thinking of diving for the first time?

Do it!
  • If it's something you've always wanted to try get out there and have a go - you never know you might be a natural.
  • If you're a bit nervous but still want to try then practise snorkelling first, this should really help you master the breathing first.
  • Try taking a class at home first to see if you like it, there's plenty of PADI schools around the UK.
My overall experience was quite enjoyable even though I was crap. The instructors were great, they taught me everything I needed to know and were very helpful.

Don't get me wrong I'm not about to rush out to my local diving centre to pick it back up again but maybe down the line I'll have another go.

Have you tried scuba, what was your first dive like?

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  1. I've never tried it myself but would love to, so I am very thankful for this honest post. I never knew you had to breath through your mouth and I'm sure I would struggle with that a lot. It's good you decided to be safe and not dive down when having trouble breathing correctly. I hope that at one point you'll be able to master it and enjoy a nice dive~ ♥

    1. Thanks for reading :) I hope I do get to have another but I'm still a bit nervous to at the moment. I occasionally try practicing the breathing when I'm bored at work!

  2. i think i would be a bit scared to do this but i'm sure it would be an incredible experience! good for you!

    danielle | avec danielle