Reviewed: Unfriended

by - May 07, 2015

So my boyfriend and I decided to catch a midweek film and I haven't quite gotten over our film choice. I'll admit that Avengers has completely taken our local cinema so there isn't much to choose from but this really was an odd one...


15 |  1h 23min  |  Thriller


An embarrassing video posted online causes a teenage girl, Laura Barns, to commit suicide. One year later a group of teenagers including Laura's former friend Blaire Lily are chatting online when strange things start to happen. A mystery person won't leave their Skype chat, weird messages start popping up and all sorts of embarrassing photos posted on Facebook. Things quickly turn ugly when the group try to remove their mystery guest.

My Thoughts:

The idea of this thriller certainly is unique as the whole films takes place on the desktop of Blaire. There's never a full shot of anything other than the computer screen and this monotony is one of many problems within the film.

By never properly being introduced to the other characters you never really get any sort of connection with them which makes it all the less scary or even interesting as they get picked off one by one.

Blaire is very needy as a main character, her personality isn't likeable and she comes across as, basically, a complete pain in the ass - Especially when she's typing things such as "why are you not replying" 2 seconds after she's sent the first message.

Overall this was a pretty terrible film, I do like that it has tried to do something unique but it seems to be preaching the consequences of posting inappropriate content on social media rather than trying to be entertaining. It's like a film a teacher would make for their school and think they're really cool to have come up with it.

Would I recommend this film? Absolutely not. Well, maybe if you're about 12 and never off Facebook this might appeal a bit more, but it's certainly not for me.

2 out of 10

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