Insidious: Chapter 3

by - June 10, 2015

Having not visited the cinema in over a week (shock horror!) It's going to be a busy week for James and I - my boyfriend in case you were wondering! Perhaps in desperation we decided to watch yet another horror - I know, I know, you're getting sick of them but there's an even more exciting film review that'll be here on Friday! Rawr. 

Insidious: Chapter 3
15 | 1h 37mins | Horror/Thriller

Set back before the original Insidious film we meet young Quinn Brenner, an aspiring acting student struggling slightly to come to terms with the death of her Mother. Quinn is desperate to contact her late Mother and calls out to her when she's alone - sometimes even hearing a whispered answer. In an attempt to reach her properly she turns to ex-psychic Elise Rainer who tells her not to contact her Mum any more. 
Quinn ignores this advice and reaches out anyway but it isn't her Mother who replies. So the haunting begins with Quinn viscously tormented by a demon out to steal her soul and only Elise, tormented by demons from her own past, has the power and skills to stop it. 


My thoughts: 
So let's get down to it, this film is actually set before any other Insidious film - making it a prequel. I think this is quite a bold move for a second sequel and definitely plays to the franchises favour. It brings new elements into the story and gives more emotion to Elise - good move Insidious makers. 
Being a prequel also means that having no knowledge of the other two films doesn't matter at all, this completely works as a stand alone horror! 
Does Chapter 3 conform to those cheap tricks that all thrillers use? Yes but it certainly isn't over done. Many times I found myself tense but also not wanting to look away - the aim of a thriller yes? 
I think if you're looking for a horror to watch at the cinema then this should be your choice it's definitely better than your other current option (Poltergeist) and much better than other recent horrors (looking at you Unfriended). 
Something I really do appreciate is actually the opening title of this movie - a classic horror title and that always gets me a bit excited. 


* Still low as horror never seems to live up to other genres but definitely a watchable film. 

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  1. I really wanted this movie to be good,hahaha
    loved your post,tho!

    1. I'm always slightly disappointed by horrors, still worth a watch though!

  2. love love love your blog ! Maybe you could check mine out!

  3. I really want to see this film! I'm waiting for my exams to finish as I know that after watching it I won't be able to sleep as I'm a wimp like that... By the sounds of it though it doesn't seem too terrifying!

    Great post :)