Making the most of a summer at home!

by - July 24, 2015

It's summertime and everyone you know is either traveling or working but that doesn't mean you can't still have a great time! I had that exact problem for most of my summers throughout school and college, what to do?!

So if you're already bored of staring at your screen for hours on end here's a few things to make the most out of your time off this summer! 

1. Be a tourist in your own town
When you have lived somewhere all your life it's too easy to think that there's nothing there. Take some time this summer to really get to know your area, you might just be surprised! Look out for summer fairs and events that you can attend as well.


2. Try a new craft
I'm a big believer in keeping your mind busy (hence writing this post from my boring job) and crafts are a great way to do so! Whether you pick up some tips on how to start knitting from YouTube or get inspired from the DIY boards on Pinterest crafting is a good way to spend some time - and you get something hand made by you out of it! You can always check out my DIY posts too!

3. Have a movie marathon
When there weather is awful which, lets face it, is more than likely in the UK then it's time to put on Netflix/Amazon Prime/Love Film/Raiding your own collection for a great day in catching up with old favourites with some delicious pop corn.


4. Get Fit
Believe me when I say there's really no time like summer holidays for getting in shape. It's something I avoided doing with plenty of excuses... I can't afford a gym or I'll do it tomorrow! Well it's a lot harder when you're working full time! So no more excuses and use your time to get your running shoes on and sign up for that gym. Not a running fan? I used to love fitness DVD's (my favourites were the Davina McCall ones) or the many, many YoutTube fitness channels!

5. Get ahead on next years work
I know, I know this sounds a bit boring, but it really will improve your academic performance if you've already started the material. Just think WWHD? That is, What Would Hermione Do? 

So, that's what I would be doing if I was at home this summer. I'm desperately missing having all that me time, so make sure you make the most of it! Remember you don't need to have all your friends at home or even have great weather to have a good time. I hope you're all enjoying your summers! 
 Let me know what you think is a great thing to make the most of your summer at home!   

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  1. you got that right! The weather isnt helping lately so I have taken up a lot of DIYs lately :) I still think you should teach us how to knit haha

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Amazing pics, have a nice day!

    Alice Cerea,

  3. Great list! (agree with all these, btw).
    I love keeping a journal and/or keeping a scrapbook of my summer memories by taking lots of photos. As a kid, I used to write in summer journals at the end of every day and say what I did (I'm actually impressed I kept that up!) It's a great end-of-the-summer souvenir to yourself to look back on, and may give you some ideas for next year!

    ~Lor @ ♥

  4. These are some great activities to keep you busy at home! :)


  5. I love this post, such good ideas for how to use your time wisely! I work full time and I miss the days of school where I had 6 weeks off, oh how I took those for granted :-( But that has meant that the time I have off now I like to do something fun and interesting. I love the idea of taking up a new craft, although I think I'd be terrible at knitting but I may give it a go one day! haha.

    Thanks for this awesome post! :)

  6. Harry Potter is my go to movie marathon of choice! I can never get tired of watching over and over!! xx
    Flaunt and Center 

  7. This is such a nice post with some really great ideas!

    thanks for sharing :)

  8. Love the 1st idea, it's such a good idea and so true. There are so many treasures to explore and find in your own hometown.