A quick, easy and healthy recipe!

by - July 30, 2015

It might not look like summer outside but I'm still trying to eat healthy and get myself down to the gym as much as possible! So many healthy recipes I see cost an arm and a leg to make or have an ingredient you have to go on a treasure hunt for!! 
Well after a long day of work the last thing I want to do is spend ages slaving in the kitchen so today I'm sharing with you a quick and easy, healthy recipe! 


To make this delicious meal, you will need:
  • Spaghetti
  • Tiger Prawns
  • A splash of olive oil
  • An onion
  • Garlic
  • A tomato based sauce of your choosing
  • Lettuce (I usually go for rocket but today chose something crunchy for a bit more texture)
  • Seasonings of your choice (I'm using black pepper and tabasco) 
So let's begin! I said this would be quick and easy... 


Start off with the most time consuming task, boiling the spaghetti! Whilst that gets going heat some oil in a pan and chop your onion and garlic.


Add the onion and garlic to the oil pan and soften.
Now my favourite part! Add the prawns and watch them turn pink! 


Once the prawns are nearly ready add in the tomato sauce - today I'm using a tomato and chorizo sauce. These little tubs are so handy for making a fuss free meal! Season to your taste at this point, I've added black pepper and tabasco for an extra kick! But some smoked paprika would do wonders here for more flavour depth.


Once your spaghetti is cooked how you like (you can throw it against a tile, if it sticks it's done!) drain the water and add the spaghetti to the pan!
Toss your spaghetti and prawn combo to mix and add in your preferred lettuce leaves for some extra texture. 


And Viola! A very quick, easy but also healthy and delicious meal. This recipe was inspired from one found of the florette website where they have plenty of ideas for low calorie meals! This post has been in collaboration with Florette Salad and I hope you enjoy browsing the excellent (and not all salad based) recipes on their site! 

What are your go to healthy meals? I'd love to try them!

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  1. this looks yummy :) I've never thought to use lettuce with pasta!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. This looks delicious! I love prawns in pasta.
    Lovely simple recipe. May have to try this!

    Chloe x x x

  3. This looks so healthy! Prawns and pasta make a great combination! I'll have to try this when I get back to uni in September!

    Serena / www.ramblingsofanotherunistudent.blogspot.com

  4. I love your blog! Have nice weekend:)