The top 5 places I want to visit

by - July 03, 2015


Summer has truly sprung here in Manchester and the hot weather combined with an endless amount of time stuck at my work desk and discovering my new favourite blog has given me a travel bug like never before!
I am completely obsessed with Stephen and Jess' Travel Blog "Flying the Nest" and it's really been making me think about how I really do want to go out and see the world! So I've compiled a list of the top 5 places I want to visit and why, enjoy!


5. Bolivia
Perhaps the forgotten country of South America this beautiful place is definitely on my "I wish I could" list. Santa Cruz, the capital, is definitely a must do with all it's markets especially when you can pick up a talisman or two! Uyuni would definitely be a must do too, one of the world's most famous salt flats surely must be a sight to see! Finally and perhaps most importantly, the Sajama National Park would be the number one stop in Bolivia, to see the beautiful Andean landscape and the snow capped Sajama Volcano but also to see a place where the natives have worked hard to keep things running the traditional way.

4. Hiroshima
If you've paid extremely close attention in my 25 facts about me it might come as no surprised that I have a very keen interest in nuclear. One of the most haunting books I have ever read is Hiroshima by John Hersey - if you ever get a chance I thoroughly recommend reading it! Whilst Japan as a country is definitely on my list to travel to, it's Hiroshima that I would definitely have to visit. To visit somewhere with such a haunting history must be truly overwhelming. 


3. Iceland
Another general country that I would love to go to! Whenever I see friends pictures from this beautiful country I am so jealous, I'd love to experience it for myself. The must do's for me in Iceland would be the Famous Blue Lagoon a natural hot spring where despite the snow you strip down to your bikini and jump in! Of course no trip would be complete without seeing the stunning Aurora Borealis!


2. Pulpit Rock 
I'm sticking up north again with this one, The Norwegian Fjords  offer some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable but Pulpit Rock is definitely the must do! It takes a few hours to do the hike but the sense of satisfaction at the top must be incredible. I don't fancy dangling my legs over the edge though!


1. Easter Island
Perhaps I played too many Tomb Raider games as a child but there's something in me that is desperate to visit isolated locations! It might take days of traveling (around 60 hours from my researching) but to be rewarded by seeing an incredible wonder and know you're in the most isolated part of the world, the South Pacific, must be an incredible feeling! 

So that's it, 5 places in the world I wish I could visit! Unfortunately the cost of this would be astronomical, how do people travel!? So until I get that lottery win these places will be just a dream - but what a lovely dream to have!

Are you a traveler, have you been to any of these incredible places? 

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  1. Iceland is also on my list. But I have the usual NYC, the Maldives, Australia and Jamaica :D

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Wow this is a great list!! I would love to visit Iceland too!! My favorite place in the world is probably New Zealand. It exceeded my expectation and is just the most beautiful place on earth! I cannot wait to go back again someday!

    xoxo Emily

  3. This is an amazing list, makes you realise there's so much natural beauty out there :) I love South East Asia and traveling to Bali soon.

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  4. This list is wonderful, all these places seem really unique and naturally beautiful. I loved Maui but I'd also like to visit Jamaica and Spain.