5 Things I love about York

by - September 21, 2015

I recently got back from a weekend trip to the lovely city of York in Yorkshire, England. It was my first time visitng the city and I have to say it was fantastic! What a beautiful city York is, I already can't wait to go back!


I thought I'd compile a list of the things I most enjoyed whilst I visited York so that if anyone else is planning on going (or looking for somewhere to go) you can get a feel for the city. 

Spot our guide "Mad Alice" on the Bloody Tour of York
1. Walking Tours
I think a walking tour is one of the best ways to get to see any city, not only do you have a local guide full of knowledge but you get to find areas you otherwise wouldn't have known about! There are tonnes of tours to choose from in York but we decided to go with Tripadvisors #1 ranking The Bloody Tour of York. This tour is historical rather than ghost related but next time it'd be a ghost tour for us! We learnt loads about the gruesome history and found out about something that kept us entertained the whole weekend...

The hidden cats of York - This ginger Tom was a difficult find!
2. The Cat Trail
Keep your eyes peeled and you'll notice something a little odd, there are cat statues in the strangest of places! We found out about the cats on our walking tour and preceeded to spend the whole weekend in a battle to find the most! Apparently it was all started by architect Thomas Adams - clearly a cool guy! To get you started a cute ginger cat is above the Whilstles sign on Stonegate (pictured above).

A lovely albeit expensive afternoon treat at Betty's
3. Afternoon Tea
Oh my does York love a good cup of tea, there are tea rooms literally everywhere! If you want the best (or like us wanted to see what all the fuss was about) then Betty's cafe and tea rooms is the place to go - be warned, it is expensive! There are much cheaper alternatives round every corner and I sure they're all just as fun!

The best pulled pork sandwich in York? Perhaps with a little more sauce!
4. Eating!
It's not just tea that York does well, we found the food to be delicious wherever we went - definitely not a bad meal was eaten in York! We even ate at our hotels restaurant The Yorkshire Bar and Grill and were blown away by the quality! The other places we tried were; Little Italy a lovely deli come restaurant that you will definitely need to book for, Ambient Tapas a great selection comes with their reasonable priced tapas for beginngers selection, The House of Trembling Madness the beer, cheese & veg soup was gorgeous! But be prepared to wait a long time for it to come (a soup and a cold platter took 50 mins!!), finally Shambles Kitchen a delicous pulled pork sandwich shop but do ask them to smoother it with sauce, they can be a little stingy!

The city walls
5. The History 
York is absolutely steeped in history and that means there is plenty to see and do! York Minster is the beautiful gothic cathedral, definitely worth a visit if you're interested in architecture or fancy standing at the highest point in York(£15 for an adult ticket combining general admission for up to a year and the tower). The City Walls are a great way to see the whole city and are completely free to walk along! The Shambles are also a must see (obviously with pulled pork sandwich in hand) there are lovely little shops along here and the smell of fudge is divine! 
Think that medeval history is a bit boring? York has you covered, York's Chocolate Story teaches you all about York's sweet history and you get to eat some of the nicest chocolate I think I've ever tried! 

So that's my whistlestop tour of what I thought were the best things to see and do in York! I loved how quaint the city was and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of being there - I'm sure it won't be too long before I go back again!

If you've visited York or you're from there I'd love to know what your favourite things about the city are! 

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  1. there is a little Italy in Canterbury too and I loved eating there. Wonder if it is the same restaurant.

    I've never been to York (I've never been anywhere really :p) but sounds like a great place to visit especially if you are into all of this history stuff! Glad you had lots of fun!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Thanks :) It definitely had so much more to offer than I expected!
      I'd like to hope it is the same restaurant - it was delicious

  2. This all speaks to me, haha! As I read your second point, about the cat trail, I turned to my sister and told her we had to go to York. It sounds like such an interesting city, filled with things that are right up my alley ;)

    Thanks for sharing! And for putting York on my radar!


    1. I was so excited when the first cat was pointed out to us! It's such a fun thing to do when you're there :D
      I hope you get to visit some time

  3. I study in York and I was actually planning to do a post like this! I love the history in York.

    1. You definitely should I bet you know a load more stuff about it than I do, I'd love to read it :D

  4. This looks so nice! I'd love to visit this place once :) xx Carmen

    1. I'd definitely recommend going there!

  5. I have literally just come across your blog and love it so much, Rachel! You have such a lovely and positive personality. I will also go back and read more of your posts :)
    As for this one, I LOVED it. I am sure one day I will get to visit York. A great friend of mine used to live there for a few years and she loved it a lot. Lovely restaurant recommendations and the City Walls look amazing. We relocated to Chester, so yay to gorgeous towns of England :)
    Will be following you on Bloglovin', girlie. I am also there if you'd like to keep in touch: https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/miel-mint-14349829
    xox Nadia

    1. You're so sweet!! I'll definitely be going and checking out your blog!
      York is such a lovely place I already can't wait to go back again and I really should visit Chester I'm much closer to there than York :P

  6. Wanna go there so badley!:o love,
    Milena ♥

    1. You'll love it when you do get there!

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