Blackberry Whiskey

by - September 29, 2015

It may be coming to end of the blackberry season, but fear not! I have a great idea for how to use those that are still looking delicious and wanting to be picked!

I absolutely love the Autumn, It's by far my favourite season! I love the chill in the air, the cosy blankets and the harvest foods! 
I have to say I've never grown any fruits or veg myself (with the exception of a cherry tree already in my garden) and it's something I'm looking into trying next year but for now I make do where I can and autumn brings about lots of opportunities for close to home grown treats.

Every year I always go blackberry picking and if you never have, why not?! Blackberries are probably one of the most accessible things when it comes to the Autumn harvest - I pick mine from a bramble area along a main road near my house. They can be found in so many places, parks, along canals or even by the side of the road! If you find a good spot don't going telling everyone though, keep it as your secret!


So you've been out, found a great glut and now have a carrier bag full of berries, what next?

A few obvious choices for your blackberries are jams, pies and chutneys but why not try something a little bit different.
Whilst recently browsing blackberry recipes on Pinterest I came across a real winter warmer, Blackberry Whiskey and I thought yes!

The recipe I've been (somewhat) following comes from Edible Ireland  although I think they adapted it from somewhere else too! Please check out their website for more comprehensive instructions and because it's a great site!

For this very simple winter warmer you will need:
  • A 1 litre Kilner Jar (or equivalent)
  • Enough Blackberries to loosely fill the jar
  • Sugar to fill two-thirds of the jar (with the blackberries already in it)
  • A whiskey of your choice - although I do recommend a single malt ;)
Start off by sterilising your jar, I did this by cleaning it with soapy water, then baking it in the oven for 10 minutes on a low - medium heat (about 100 degrees centigrade)

Next add in enough (washed and dried) blackberries to loosely fill the jar, please don't cram them in!

Now add sugar so that it fills two-thirds of the way up the jar.

At this point I gave the whole thing a good shake to make sure all the blackberries got a good coating.

Add in your Whiskey of choice I went for Bushmills - I recommend checking around your local supermarkets for what's on offer and go for one that's 700ml, you shouldn't need more unless you plan on enjoying the extra.

Allow it to settle before topping up with a bit extra so that it fills to just below the brim. 

 Finally shake it up, keep giving it a shake everyday for the next two weeks and then just once a week for the next two months after that.


et viola!

You should have some pretty delicious blackberry whiskey to get you through the cold winter months! It should last up to a year in the jar and don't forget the delicious berries too - they'd make a mean desert.  

My jar is happily sat flavouring away in the kitchen, I really can't wait to open it and see how it taste's! I think this will make a really great Christmas Treat so I'll let you know how it goes.
Let me know what recipes you're planning on using this Autumn, I'd love you know if you're going to give this a go!

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  1. I dont drink but sounds like a great (and different) recipe. I would try to make a pie instead! :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. I had so many blackberries so I did ended up making a pie as well :)
      It was apple, blackberry, cinnamon and clove! I'd recommend that too :P

  2. I love blackberries, and I love whiskey so this is definitely going to be a recipe I'll try!

    xo, Liz

  3. Great idea!

    I love booze and blackberries so I'll definitely have to try this! I might attempt it with a bourbon though (because it's my favourite) so I'll let you know how it goes!

    Sarah Lynn

  4. I've never been blackberry picking before but this definitely makes me want to! Autumn is by far the best season and this will definitely help me get in the mood!

    Kirsty xo |