Review: The Martian

October 05, 2015

Another Hollywood blockbuster, another rescue Matt Damon mission. 
Seriously how many times does this guy need saving?

The Martian
12A | 2h 21mins | Sci-Fi/Adventure 


The Ares III mission to Mars is cut short due to a huge storm hitting the area. In an attempt to get the team aboard the shuttle astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is hit by debris and his commander Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain) makes the tough decision to leave, assuming he's dead. The only problem is Mark isn't dead and now he's stranded all alone with the next Mars mission not due for 4 years. He needs to learn how to survive on a planet that wasn't meant for humans to live on. 
Based on the book by Andy Wier.


My Thoughts
 This is the best film I've seen in a while, it's dramatic, funny and has more disco music than you can bare! The Martian finds a really great balance between the serious nature of the plot and the light-hearted reliefs. Matt Damon does an excellent job portraying stranded astronaut Mark, capturing the emotion of survival perfectly.
The cinematography of the film is lovely with all the barren landscapes of Mars and beautiful shots of the space station. 
The music, whilst could be quite an odd choice is seamlessy blended in with the comedy and definitely makes the film that bit more enjoyable! 
If you enjoyed Interstellar but think it's that bit too serious, or just want a fantastic film to go and watch this week, look no further! The Martian has definitely nailed it. 

My Score

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  1. I don't know how I've not heard about this film but I'm glad for this review, it sounds really interesting! Might have to give this a go. Also, completely agree about Matt Damon always needing saving..

    1. He's really quite the damsel in distress! You should definitely give it a watch if you get the chance :)

  2. I've been wanting to see this movie! it looks great and Matt Damon? Yes please :)

    ~Lor @

  3. my bf really wants to see it. Sounds like a great one to watch, and who can say no to Matt <3

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. You'll definitely enjoy it, he does get most of the screen time ;)

  4. Haha your intro had me cracking up! Seriously though, your glowing review has certainly piqued my curiosity, I'll have to add it to my 'to see' list - and not just because I've always had a mad crush on Matt Damon ;)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. I hope you get to see it, might even be the best film I've seen this year!

  5. I saw The Martian on Sunday night! It was such a good film, I was really impressed with it. It kind of solidified my position of never wanting to go to space, but then, most space films do, haha. There were so many tense moments and some amazing performances, I'll definitely be reading the book sometime soon!


    1. Yep, I'll never be an astronaut! Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! I definitely think I'll be getting the book soon too :)

  6. I just finished reading this book a few minutes ago and I loved it! It is one of the best books I have read in a while. I am excited to go see the movie, hoping it will be as good as the book. I think Matt Damon is the perfect fit for Watney as well, due to his sarcasm and perfect humor.

    Phoebe Xx

    1. I really should read it! Matt Damon definitely gave an amazing performance, sarcasm was on point :)
      Hope you get a chance to watch it!

  7. Great post! I live the pics:)

  8. Glad to hear you like this movie! I've been wanting to see it for forever. Can't wait to pick the dvd up now! Thanks for the review!

    xo, mikéla /


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