Review: Spectre

by - November 08, 2015

12A | 2h 28mins | Action/Adventure


Bond finds himself in Mexico City on the day of the dead on an unauthorised mission, it isn't long before the man he's out to assassinate leaves him with a cryptic clue to a secret organisation. When he returns to London his renegade behaviour comes under investigation and major changes are being made to the 00 programme. It isn't long before Bond manages to sneak away in pursuit of answers to M's last message to him and to uncover secrets from his past. 


My Thoughts:

I'm going to start with a bold statement (literally) I'm not a James Bond Fan, I've only seen a couple of films and they've all been Daniel Craig ones. Ok, so now that's out there I'll let you know what I thought of this latest instalment. Let's start with Daniel Craig, he manages to carry out that smooth Bond style with ease and gives a great performance but, perhaps, as expected its Christoph Waltz that really steals the show, it was about time he was snapped up as a villain! The cinematography is fair enough, as to be expected with plenty of stunning filming locations. As far as the actual plot goes I have to say I fairly enjoyed this, there's plenty of action to keep you engaged throughout and a few interesting twists and turns. Obviously if you're more of a Bond fan you'll have a much better understanding of the story than myself! One thing that does bother me is how completely unnecessary  his womanising moments are, I don't care if it's part of the persona, it's outdated to show him sleeping with every woman he comes across, some woman have a bit more class than that!
One final note about the film I have is the opening sequence, an odd collection of graphics but Sam Smith's song is catchy enough - annoyingly as I can't stand him!

My Score: 

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  1. I used to be a bond fan, but Craig never did it for me. Havent seen this one yet, must!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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