All bets are in!

by - February 21, 2016

Hi guys! Long time no see!

Oscar season has quickly rolled around again and I'm going to let you in on a little tradition Jim and I have at this time of year... The Oscars Nando's bet

Now that may sound a little confusing so here's the breakdown; when the Oscars roll around we guess  who/what the winner of every category is going to be. After the Oscars we'll head down to our local Nando's and the loser (the person with the least correct categories) foots the bill. 

Disclaimer: choose whatever restaurant you want! We just go for cheap and cheerful.

So now that Oscar season is here I thought I'd let you know who I'm betting on for each category. Now is  great time to point out that some of these are complete guesses as i haven't seen everything that is up for nomination nor do I wholly understand what some categories mean!

For a full breakdown of nominee's visit the oscars website. Now let's go through my picks!


Best Picture

I find this quite a tough category, my personal favourites were The Martian and The Big Short as for what will actually win? I'm going with The Revenant

Actor in a Leading Roll

Another toughie, personally because I felt that no one really stood out! As much as I agree that Leo really deserves a win I don't know if that was the performance that cut it. My prediction: Michael Fassbender (although I really hope he doesn't!)

Actress in a Leading Roll

This is a category where I haven't seen many of the films so I'm having to go with what I have and on that basis it's got to be Brie Larson

Actor in a Supporting role

There are an awful lot of good contenders in this category my personal favourite would be Christian Bale but in terms of Oscar winners I'm backing Tom Hardy

Actress in a Supporting Role

This time I'm doing something a bit odd, I'm backing an actress from a film I haven't seen! my choice: Alicia Vikander 

Animated Feature Film 

If you've been around here for a while you may remember my glowing post for the winner, if not you can read it here. The winner? Surely it has to be Inside out 


Another easy choice for this one. The whole way through this film I was admiring the incredible scenery and how it was shot, therefore my choice has to be The Revenant

Costume Design

This is definitely a hard choice for me as I feel that the films I have seen in this category aren't worthy of the win. That means a wild stab in the dark at The Danish Girl - I've really no idea!


Could it be two years in a row for good old Alejandro G. Iñárritu? I reckon so. 

Documentary Feature
Ahh, another category of wild guessing, I haven't seen a single one! So let's just go with The Look of Silence 

Documentary Short

Oh gosh I don't stand a chance if i've not even watched the feature length ones, how about Body Team 12?

Film Editing

Finally back to a category where I see a stand out winner, I imagine it was a fairly difficult one to edit with the vast amount of storyline and still keeping it understandable! The Big Short 

Foreign Language Film

I do apologise for my lack of diversity of watching things that aren't a major hollywood film! Again it's a wild guess so I'm going with Theeb

Makeup and Hairstyling

I find it almost painful how few films are nominated in this category and given the selection I feel it has to go to Mad Max

Music Original Score

I'm going to be ab old softie with this one, Star Wars: The Force Awakens - gotta love John Williams and what a fitting tribute it would be. Perhaps I should have said The Hateful Eight...

Music Original Song

I so hope Spectre doesn't get this one, I really hated that song! I also find it a bit sickening that a film like 50 Shades of Grey has anything Oscar potential about it! So I'm backing "Til it happens to you" The Hunting Ground

Production Design

A tricky category to chose from a lot of these films had a great feel to them but again I'm going to go with the visual most stunning The Revenant

Short Animated Film

A category of blind guessing again, let's go with World of Tomorrow

Short Film Live Action

I can't help but feel I'd stand a better chance if I'd even heard of these nominations, how about Stutterer

Sound Editing

I'd love to back Star Wars for this one - you've gotta love those light sabre swooshes! I get the feeling the academy are a bit snooty and wouldn't really recognise a film like Star Wars as a winner though so once again I'm backing The Revenant

Sound Mixing

This is a category I always find so difficult to choose, I really am not a sound expert in any way! Lets go with The Revenant again. 

Visual Effects

Night time light sabre battle?! Enough said. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

A few worthy nominee's in this one but I think given the complexity of it's topic and how enjoyable it was to watch I'll be choosing The Big Short

Writing (Original Screenplay)

This is an interesting one! An animated feature thrown in with the big boys! Inside Out really dealt with the issue of emotions (something fairly tricky for kids to completely understand I'm sure) in such a fantastic way that I think it really deserves the recognition. 

Wasn't that a marathon! Those are my best guesses at who'll be walking away with an Academy Award this year! Let's hope I at least have a few right. 

On a side note if you're wondering what the best film to go and watch right now are then you need to see The Big Short! Plus on the basis of it being potentially a big winner, according to my predictions away, The Revenant. 


I'd love to know if anyone else out there is doing their own Oscars bet, especially if you've got a Nando's riding on it. Maybe I'll see you there, let's hope we're not paying!

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