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by - March 09, 2016

It seems like now a days films are getting longer, I'm looking at you The Hateful Eight,  and an unfortunate consequence of all that movie goodness is the almost inevitable bathroom break.

Now I always do what I can to avoid having to miss any of my film. I go before the start and try to make a drink last the whole film - instead of slurping it in the trailers!

Now there are many annoying things about having to go to the bathroom in a film...
  • The thought of it interrupting your viewing of the film - I wonder if I can last... How much longer is left?!
  • Having to apologise as you make your way through the row of people blocking your exit, maybe that's just me being very British?
  • Having to make your way back along that same row on your way in! - I'm really sorry...
  • Perhaps the worst part of all though... MISSING THAT CRUCIAL PART OF THE FILM!
Well fear not my cinema loving friends because you'll never miss that key part again.

RunPee is your new best cinema buddy. The free app can be used on android and iPhone and is going to make your film so much more enjoyable.

The app is very simple to use.

The home screen shows you the most recent films, 
from here you can search for whichever film you're watching

You search for the film you're going to be watching and you'll find the 2-5 minute sections of film that it won't matter if you miss!
The best feature is the timer, simply start it as your film starts and your phone will vibrate to let you know when it's safe to make a quick pee break.

Set the timer for alerts or simply have a read of when it's safe to pee!
It also tells you how long you have and what you're missing. 

This cool little app will also tell you if there's anything worth sticking round for after the credits - nifty eh? Another great feature is a roundup of the first couple of minutes, just in case you were in a hurry and missed it!

The app has lots of useful features!

Let me know if you're already an app user or will be trying this out for your next cinema adventure! You can read more about it on their website.

**I haven't been sponsored to share this app or have any connection with it's makers - I just think it's great!

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