April Watchlist

by - April 08, 2016

Another month, another new set of films ready to be realised! We finally seem to have passed the horror film phase and the post Oscar blues but what are the top films I'm planning on seeing this month?

The Hunstman Winter's War 

The story before Snow White...

Why's it on my list?
I'll have to be honest here the trailer completely sold it to me. Whilst I originally hadn't planned on seeing this film i find myself enjoying the trailer more each time I see it. As a child I loved Snow White so I'm sure I'd enjoy a bit more of a darker twist on the tale. Oh and the costumes look pretty fierce!
Release Date: In cinema's now!

Midnight Special

A drama/Sci-Fi following the story of a boy possessing some unusual powers.

Why's it on my list?
I'm a lover of a good sci-fi film and from what I've heard so far this is going to be a good sic-fi film! It sounds like the action kicks off right from the opening scene and the film has more of an indie film vibe - all good in my book!
Release date: This Friday! 8th April

The Jungle Book

Disney's live action version of the classic Jungle Book tale.

Why's it on my list?
I grew up of Disney cartoons and it feels like the up coming live action versions of the classic tales are made for those of us who've outgrown the cartoons but still love the stories. The cinematography in the trailer looks fantastic!
Release Date: Friday 15th April

Captain America: Civil War

Will the Avengers survive the rift between Iron Man and Captain America...

Why's it on my list?
Like many people I've seen all of the Marvel films so this is an obvious one for the list. Another reason though is that I'm looking forward to seeing the avengers breaking apart, it makes it much more personable that such a close knit group would fracture - and we get to see the spectacular fallout!
Release Date: Friday 29th April Already have my midnight showing ticket booked!

What films do you plan on seeing this month?

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  1. I hadn't heard of midnight special but it looks interesting! I hope it's one of those underrated films that turns out to be a hidden masterpiece, because I haven't seen any advertising for it. Similarly to the marketing for Ex Machina - I personally thought it was amazing but there was barely any advertisement.

    I am a huge sci-fi fan so would be interested in checking it out.

    I actually really want to see the Jungle Book. I was a bit skeptical at first due to it being a live action remake, my mind was like 'meh'. Especially as I adore animation, I find it is pretty hard pushed to beat it.
    I also want to see it because I hear the VFX is amazing, especially for the creatures. I actually work at a VFX company so I'm a bit of a nerd in that respect, even if the film isn't that great, I'm still drawn to it's quality of effects.

    I haven't actually seen that many new films yet, however, I did see Zootopia and I thought it was great! Definitely lived up to the hype and everything was so beautifully composed :) All the funny puns were an added bonus as well!

    Lucy x