Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

by - April 04, 2016

2h 31mins | 12 A | Fantasy/Action

One of the years highly anticipated superhero films is finally here - but is it worth the hype? I know, I know, I'm late on watching this one! When the film was released I was in New York if you're interested in my trip you can check it out here.


Who knew that Gotham's Dark Knight, Batman, actually live pretty close to the world's most famous superhero Superman! Well what seemed like two very disconnected worlds suddenly collide as Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) brings together Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Clark Kent (Henry Cavill). Whilst both hero's intend to stop Lex Luthor's well laid out plans they also plot to stop each other in their tracks, both believing that the other brings chaos to the world! But when two hero's meet there's a much bigger problem to solve.


My Thoughts

This was a film I had mixed feelings about seeing. On one hand I loved the most recent Batman trilogy, he's one of my favourite superhero's and I general enjoy the genre! On the other hand I was disappointed by the most recent Superman and worried this wouldn't feel like a film in it's own right instead of just a set up for the Justice League.
I was right to be concerned.
This film is ok at best. The biggest problem is the plot line, or to be more precise, lack of it. The film picks straight up from where Superman (2013) left off but on the Batman timeline it's an absolute mystery as to where we are - let's assume it's an alternate timeline to bypass this problem.
There is just a general lack of story, there's no real purpose to this film other than to bring together Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and to introduce that there will be other hero's that need to join them to create the Justice League.

***This next part contains spoilers*** Bruce Wayne finds himself having bad dreams and visions, at first this is used to explain what happened to his parents and pick up on his mother's name but beyond this I don't understand the point. In one such vision he is told he was right about Superman and that Lois Lane is the key... to what?! What was meant here was never explained and I still can't figure out what it was supposed to relate to.
Let's talk about Bruce Wayne's grudge against Superman, this is built up for a while and yet it is all resolved as soon as he learns his mother's name is the same as his own mother - Martha. Really now, that would make Batman completely drop his vendetta? I don't think so, it's a very weak bit of writing. *** Highlight the area to read***

If you can get over the lack of plot then this isn't too bad a film. There is plenty of action, the effects are great and generally the acting is on good form.
Ben Affleck does a fairly decent job as Batman, Henry Cavill suits the Role of Superman very well indeed and new girl on the block Gal Godot definitely seems like a good choice for Wonder Woman - she's certainly going to be one to watch. Jesse Eisenberg does a fantastic job as Lex Luthor! He was very convincing as a mad villain!  
The cinematography was fairly good and generally the atmosphere of the film does manage to keep you entertained for a good two hours.
As with the other DC films this takes on a much more serious approach than the comparative Marvel franchise.


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  1. Thanks for righting this review. My hubby was thinking about watching this film but has seen mixed reviews. Highly anticipated film but quite a lot of people have said the same as you, there is a lack of any plot other than to bring the 3 together. Hope the next one is better! Great post. :)
    Sharon from

    1. I hope you enjoy it if you do end up seeing it!
      I'm sure it will be better once they're in the swing of things :D