Midnight Special

by - April 10, 2016

1 h 52 mins | 12A | Mystery/Sci-fi 

Were you as intrigued by the trailer as me? I checked out the mysterious Mightnight Special this weekend. 


The story begins with the news report that a boy has been kidnapped, at the same the population of an odd "cult" ranch is being rounded up for investigation by the FBI - the connection? Alton Meyer (Jaeden Lieberher). In fact it's Alton's own father, Roy (Michael Shannon) who has kidnapped him and with the help of friend Lucas (Joel Edgerton) they're desperate to get the unusual boy to a specific location for a specific date but no one knows what's going to happen! Alton isn't what he seems though and posses unusual powers that both inspire and scare. 


My Thoughts

This is definitely an unusual film, you're immediately thrown into the action and often left to work through exactly what is happening yourself - in a good way! The story progresses well and will keep you gripped throughout as more and more is revealed, perhaps slightly slower in the middle but this seems necessary to keep the audience up to speed with exactly what is going on. 
The acting is good throughout, especially from young Jaeden Lieberher! I particularly enjoyed Kirsten Dunst's performance as well she really seems to have grown in the past few years. Adam Driver also gives an excellent performance and even manages to provide a slight comic relief! 
Science-Fiction is often a genre that worries me to watch but I felt that this really was portrayed in a clever and interesting way. 
Overall if you're looking for an enjoyable and gripping drama then look no further - you won't be disappointed!


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  1. that movie is intriguing me hence why I'll probably going to see it and also because of your little review! thanks :)