The Accountant

by - October 26, 2016

15 | 2h 8mins | Crime, Action

Who ever said accountants were boring?


Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) had a troubled childhood, struggling with autism and a tough family life, now he's an accountant but certainly doesn't have an ordinary cliental. Wolff's abilities make him very desirable to all sorts of people, and of particular interest to the treasury, his advisor suggests he take on a legitimate client but things suddenly spiral out of control. A mistake spotted by cost accountant Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick) lands the pair in the middle of something much bigger than cooking a few books.


My Thoughts

Ok, so I should probably start off by saying I didn't really want to watch this film... why? Because I currently (although not for much longer) work as an accountant. I expected there to be a load of jargon flung in for good measure and can picture many accountants getting exciting when they hear them talking about depreciation or the P&L - As expected this did happen a few times!
Lets actually look at the film itself though - I was surprised! I went in expecting something pretty bad and came out thinking it was alright.
Affleck plays a great part as Christian Wolff, he's greatly suited for the more physical side of the roll and was also very entertaining when it came to the very matter of fact style of Wolff's personality.
Kendrick's character was a little less exciting, she played the roll well enough but there wasn't much development of her.
The overall plot was ok to follow although a little confusing in places though the pace of the film did keep me entertained throughout.
There's plenty of action so if that's your thing you'll probably enjoy this a lot but for me the best part was that there was quite a comical side to this film!
Overall this is an alright film but it's nothing special. If you like action you'll enjoy it - and ladies if you're getting dragged along by your other half it's really not too bad!

My Score

The Accountant hits screens across the UK on Friday 4th November

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