January in Film

by - January 27, 2017

So January is coming to an end and what a month it’s been for film! With the Oscars just around the corner it really is a great time to get down to your local cinema. At the point of writing this post I’ve watched 6 films this month with plans to watch a further 3  before we say goodbye to January 2017.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in Oscar nominated La La Land

Watched so far this month
Live by Night, Manchester by the Sea, La La Land, Silence, A Monster Calls, Hacksaw Ridge.

Still to see in Jan
Split, Assassins Creed, Moonlight.

Film of the Month 
This was a tough choice as up until close to the end I thought I’d be putting a Monster Calls, but just to beat it at the last minute was Hacksaw Ridge.
Hacksaw Ridge (directed by Mel Gibson) tells the story of a simple country boy who grew up with an alcoholic war veteran father. Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) aspired to be a doctor but never got the education so he seizes the opportunity to be an army medic, unfortunately for him his strong belief not to hold a weapon sees him ridiculed and beaten by his peers. When the time comes to finally get out on the battlefield Doss shows incredible courage on top of the relentless Hacksaw Ridge to save the lives of as many fallen soldiers as possible.
It’s an excellent watch and unlike many other films of its genre, the first part of the film is of Desmond’s life before the war and so you feel a much stronger connection with his character. There is also a hilarious scene when Desmond first arrives at his army base camp that really lifted the spirit of the film. Perhaps most poignant though is that this is a retelling of a true story and to really hammer that point home the film ends with accounts from those that lived through it.

Must Watch 
Hacksaw Ridge.

Worth Seeing
A Monster Calls, La La Land, Manchester by the Sea.

Middle of the Road

Give it a miss
Live by Night. 

Oscar Nominee Natalie Portman as Jackie O in Jackie.

With the Oscars still to come on February 26th there is still plenty to look forward to and February seems set to continue the strong start to 2017 with films, there’s been so much in January I’ll still be playing catch up!

On the Watch List in Feb:
Hidden Figures, The Founder, Jackie, Lion, Lego Batman

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  1. I saw Hacksaw Ridge in December - it surprised me in being so good, haha! WWI and WWII films tend to do well for me, but there is a special place in my heart that show true events like Hacksaw Ridge. And! I am actually going to see La La Land tonight, so I'm pretty excited :) And Hidden Figures and Lion also sound great, hopefully I'll get to see them.

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  2. La La Land was definitely my favourite film this month! It transported me back to LA and that soundtrack is just perfect. I listen to it pretty much every day, ha ha. Lovely post!

    Inma x | sunshineandglow.com