A Night Run Experience

by - January 23, 2017

It may only be the fourth week of January but the weekend just past saw me take part in my very first organised race – it was one with a bit of a twist too!

In an attempt to improve my fitness levels (and hopefully lose a few pounds in the process) I began running towards the end of last year. I'm not naturally a good runner by any stretch of the imagination but since I consistently started running twice a week in mid-November I have seen a noticeable improvement in my stamina, for me it’s about managing to run the whole distance rather than improve the time at the moment.

I first saw the event I attended advertised at the end of September and knew it’d be a good goal for me to work towards to keep me motivated.

A view of Lyme Hall and The Cage from the woodland

The race itself was a combined effort from the NationalTrust and Cotswold Outdoors and took place at the rather lovely Lyme Park in Disley.

The course I chose to take part in was the 6.8km Adventurer and whilst that might sound like nothing to any runners out there it was certainly going to be quite a push for me!

Before the race commenced

The trail began and ended with a proper road but it quickly moved from my comforting tarmac onto steep hilly (and muddy) fields with all sorts of obstacles including rabbit holes and bogs!

We went across open field and then into woodland and unfortunately had to climb over a fairly large style which did mean having to stand in a bit of a queue – although it was a welcome rest after carefully following a narrow path.

Running at night in such a remote place also meant relying on the light my head torch, something quite unfamiliar to me as I'm used to traffic and street lights! The night time did provide a stunning view across Manchester at one point though, it was lovely to be out in the country and see the city so bright on the horizon.

Not too muddy considering the track!

After crossing the finish line we were all given a (glow in the dark!) medal, a bag with a light up bottle inside and a much welcomed soup and roll.

Overall it was a really great event. It definitely pushed me but I could tell the training I’d been doing paid off, I think my time was a little over an hour but given the treacherous course, getting stuck behind people walking up some of the hills and the queue for the style I think I managed fairly well.

So will I be doing it again? Definitely! Although I think I’d make a few adjustments – a brighter head torch and perhaps some trail running shoes rather than just my normal ones, so sign me up for next year!

Have any of you ever taken part in a night time running event? I’d love to know your experiences!

P.S. This isn’t the end of my running journey, I’m still trying to get fitter (and lose some more pounds) so from this point on I’ll be focusing on my next goal – the Manchester 10km!

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  1. I haven't even participated in a day-time run, so certainly not a night run, haha. Running isn't my thing ;) Good for you for working on your running, though! I'm sure you're see all sorts of benefits already :)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh