March in Film

by - March 31, 2017

Another month of films has gone by, this time a bit too quickly for us to keep up with! We’ve somehow managed to watch 6 films this month despite a busy schedule although it still feels like we're playing catch up! Today's post comes a little late as 2 of the 6 were only seen in the past 2 days!

Seen this month:
Free Fire, Kong: Skull Island, Logan, Get Out, Beauty & the Beast, Life.

beauty and the beast film 2017

Film of the month:
How could it not be? This month saw the release of a Disney classic, Beauty & the Beast and what a wonderful retelling it is after being a bit sceptical I was very impressed and think they did an excellent job! I'm sure many of you have already watched this but for those that haven’t… Emma Watson takes the part as Belle in this live action telling of the Disney classic, it contains songs from the animated version plus a few extras thrown in and follows that storyline quite closely with a few extra bits thrown in. The star of the film for me was LeFou, they’d developed this character so perfectly and he was a great bit of humour! I found it a bit of a shame that Cogsworth wasn't as funny as in the animated version. Overall a definite must see whether you’re a fan of the cartoon or not!

Must See: Beauty & the Beast

Worth Seeing: Logan

Middle of the Road: Kong: Skull Island, Get Out, Life

kong: skull island film 2017

Give it a miss: Free Fire

On the Watch List in April:
The Lost City of Z, Ghost in the Shell, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

What did you think of this months films? Is there something you're really looking forward to in April?

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  1. I loved the movie!!
    xx Nicola

  2. I still haven't seen this movie... how! i need to watch it asap!

    Darriyan xx

  3. I loved Beauty & the Beast so much, such a great film x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty