March Roundup

by - March 30, 2017

That’s the first quarter of 2017 complete! It really is flying by now isn't it? We've finally made it into British Summer Time, the days are getting longer and the flowers are starting to bloom but what actually happened this month?

long haired jack russell and border collie
Our Canine Companions, Zuzu (Leftt) & Coda (Right)
March has been an odd one. For the first couple of weekends (and week in between) James and I were dog sitting for my parents and whilst it was lovely having the canine companions it wasn't without a massive amount of responsibility and meant we were out of our own usual routine for the first couple of weeks and we've been playing catch up ever since!

It's certainly been a busy month! The biggest achievements for both of us were running orientated, James completed the Wilmslow Half Marathon (his first non-trail half) in an amazing sub 1:30 time. As for me I completed my furthest ever run, taking part in Lyme Park’s Trust10 10km trail run, managing a (I think rather impressive) time of 63:12! 

lyme park trust10 10km run
Post Run Picture
Another big achievement for me this month was completing my biggest sewing project to date. I spent a couple of weeks working on a pair of full length curtains for my spare bedroom, it was definitely a big project but my little sewing machine and I handled it well and I’m already wondering if I should make a new pair for the kitchen!

hand made curtains black suede
Pining the trim to my hand made curtains
The weather this month (apart from this last weekend) has been pretty shocking, more days than not its rained, I for one can't wait for a bit more sunshine – please! 

Also this month we received some pretty terrible customer service regarding an online order of  furniture with M&S it’s still ongoing and they've been terrible, we definitely expected better from such a well-established brand.

home baked battenberg cake
The Battenberg I made from Scratch for Mother's Day

Coming up in April 
It's going to be a busy month! I’ll be kicking it off with a new hairstyle, we have plans to get back out walking in the hills as well as attending a family wedding (and the hen/stag parties the week before!) plus we also have Easter coming up in the middle of the month – it certainly won’t be a quiet one!

Stats to far:
Films seen – 20 at the time of writing this, but will be 21 by the end of the month!
Craft projects completed – 4 The curtains were a biggie though.
Timed runs completed – 3 (Lyme Park Night run, Park Run, Trust10)

Travel plans – finally something in the works! A long weekend in London planned for May!

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  1. Your battenberg look soooooo yummy & professional! And you've achieved so many big things this month! Congratulations on completing your run xx

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK's Dawn

  2. I would love to pet sit those two little angels, their faces are so adorable. But I do agree that seems like a lot of responsibility.

    Vanessa x |