My Balayage Experience

by - April 03, 2017

I love balayage hair, I spend way too much time scrolling through Pinterest obsessing over this beautiful highlighting technique, always looking but never getting around to it myself. Well this weekend that changed. I decided that after years of browsing it was time to head down to the hairdressers and sort out my boring hair with some balayage.

light brown and blonde balayage

Why I wanted it done 
I get so bored of my natural hair colour, a light mousey brown which always looks flat and dull. I often get it highlighted and have had it pretty light in the past but there’s one thing I have always hated – the maintenance. The good thing about balayage hair is that as the highlights are kept in the layers so there isn't a need to constantly keep on top of touching up roots.
I love adding a bit of brightness in especially for the summer months there’s definitely a more holiday vibe about blonde!

before balayage hair

The week before 
I moved house in November which meant living in a completely new area and having to find a new hairdresser! I've been scoping for a couple of months and final decided on one which specifically focused on “fashion hair colours” to make sure I’d get the look I wanted. When arranging my appointment I went to meet my new hairdresser so she could have a look and see what she thought would work best for me.

On the day
The process was so easy, more so than getting traditional foil highlights - The whole process of balayage took around 2 hours (including have my hair cut, dried and curled).
Unlike traditional foils the natural look was achieved by alternating between bleaching thick blocks of hair and separated thinner strands, rather than be placed into foils the bleached hair was simply left as the bleach being used was not as harsh and didn't bleed onto the rest of the hair.

light brown balayage hair

The result 
I'm so pleased with my new look, it’s definitely going to be low maintenance and it gave my hair the lift it needed as well as looking so natural. If you're thinking of having balayage done I'd definitely say give it a go! Especially as it's only through the lengths of your hair, if you don't lilke the 

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  1. I've had balayage done about 1,5 years ago, and it's still going strong! best decision ever! your hair looks really healthy & strong.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad it's a style you love too :D

  2. Okay, well, perfect timing. I was literally trying to do research the other day about highlights and 'ombre hair' but I couldn't remember the exact word for what I was thinking of. This is it! This was so informative and your hair looks absolutely stunning! This is definitely what I want done, probably within the next month or two. Thanks for this post girl.
    Julia | Julia in Bluhm

  3. Omg so pretty! I dyed and did balayage on my hair for the first time months ago and it totally made my hair come to life, so I know what you mean by natural hair color looking dull and flat. Yours turned out so nice!