Eating Seasonally

by - July 13, 2017

eating seasonally july

Eating seasonally is something that’s always interested me, I hate the thought of eating food that’s been forced or pumped with a load of chemicals so we can enjoy them all year round.

I’ve wanted to scrap shopping for cheap fruit and veg in the supermarket and instead buy my produce from a local green grocer, there were two reasons behind thinking this; Firstly I’d be supporting a local business (I’ve fallen down straight away with this hurdle as my village actually doesn’t have a green grocers!) and secondly I want to be following the seasons with my food. 

pumpkin patch

 A study by BBC Good Food Magazine in 2014 found that greater than 90% of people (in a survey of 2,000) had no idea about the seasonality of even the most common fruit and veg. To be completely honest I have to count myself as one of them, yes I know that strawberries are a summer thing and I know pumpkins are ready by Halloween but other than that I’m clueless!


Over the next year I’m hoping to start a veggie patch in my own garden so I’m hoping it’ll be quite educational for me. I’ll be tracking the progress of it on here too so you can learn along with me!

I thought it could be nice if, each month, as part of a round up I could keep us all informed about what fruit and veg would be coming into season. We can all live a little more simple and given that the food is ready to be picked and eaten we should all enjoy it a little more!

So, July…



Artichoke (Globe), Aubergine, Asparagus, beetroot, broad beans, carrots, cavolo nero, chervil, chillies, chicory, courgettes (and courgette flowers), cucumber, fennel, French beans, garlic, Kohlrabi, lettuce, mangetout, new potatoes, peas, pepper, runner beans, radicchio, radish,  sorrel, spinach, swiss chard, tomatoes, watercress



Apricots, blueberries, blackcurrant, cherries, gooseberries, nectarine, raspberries, redcurrant, strawberry, watermelon



Basil, mint, samphire

tuna sushi

Meats & Fish:

Rabbit, crab, Halibut, kipper, mackerel, tuna, whiting

It’s amazing the complex things we teach ourselves and yet we couldn’t even say when a sweet potato is best eaten. Learning about seasonality and starting my own veggie patch is all part of my change for a simple life – I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me!

I’m also hoping that as I get into this seasonal way of cooking I can share with you some of the recipes I’m enjoying the most – I’ll be starting next week with a quick and delicious sweet summer salad!

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