A New Love For Green Tea

by - July 02, 2017

a new love of green tea

A few months ago I spoke about switching up my skin care and focusing on a simplified, easy routine with simple and affordable products. I stuck pretty religiously to the new routine and despite my consistency didn’t really see that much of an improvement in my complexion, I still get blemishes and still have stubborn old blackheads that aren’t going anywhere. There was however an element in the routine that I could tell wasn’t doing me any favours and that was my moisturiser.

The Origins Make a Difference Plus+ had been chosen after much research into what I should be using for my skin type, what textures I preferred and what brands I trusted – but after all the researching it just didn’t do anything for me!

I was pretty happy when the pot was coming to an end but also realised I hadn’t looked into what to try next and was rapidly coming to the bottom of the pot with no time to do a proper skin care shop! On my way to work the day I finished it I headed into a tiny Boots at the train station and picked up the cheapest moisturiser I could find. Say hello to the GarnierSkinActive Naturals Tea Tree Moisturiser.  

garnier skin active green tea moisturiser

I picked this little 50mL tube up for £3.99 (usual price £5.99) so it was ridiculously cheaper than the Origins Make a Difference, priced at £35 for the same amount! My expectations for this product were pretty low I’ll be honest, as a teenager I used to enjoy using the rose moisturiser in the little pink pot but my recent experience with the “moisture bomb” range had left me quite underwhelmed.

I love the texture. When using the Origins moisturiser I felt like I had to really work to spread it across my skin, not this one though, it glides across my face! The texture is soft and silky and so light weight, you put it on and your face feels fresher and smooth.

swatch of garnier moisturiser
I love the finish. When it comes to summer months I tend to use a lot less foundation so I need a moisturiser that won’t leave me looking like a shiny mess. The Garnier SkinActive Naturals Tea Tree Moisturiser claims to have a mattifying finish and it actually does! I love finding a product that does what it says on the tin and that means that now I've returned from a weeks holiday (read about it here) I can confidently go foundation free and enjoy my tan!

green tea

I love the scent. For me Garnier always have their scent on point, it’s a barely there just enough to feel really fresh amount. It’s certainly not powerful and certainly not undesirable, just a nice pleasant, fresh scent and it makes me feel much more awake in the morning.

makeup free holiday skin

I love my skin. I started to use this product at a particularly blemished time and since I’ve been using it my skin has cleared a fair bit and is looking quite healthy. Obviously this could be due to many number of factors and could just be a happy coincidence but maybe I’ve just found something that actually works for me!

So, after all my researching of what moisturiser would be best for me I ended up loving the one I picked up without any thought – typical isn’t it! For now it seems like this is going to be a staple for the rest of the summer months at the very least, I should point out that whilst the packaging states day cream (one downside to this is that there isn’t any SPF) I’ve used it day and night and found my skin keep nicely hydrated.

starbucks green tea frappucino

Oh and as for my love of Green Tea it’s not just this Garnier Moisturiser, have you tried the Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino’s? I picked up a limited edition one on St. Patrick’s day and desperately hoped it’d become a permanent menu item – it was so delicious! I was so happy to see it on the menu when I went to watch Wonder Woman I had to get a large and had nearly finished it before the film even started!

Have you tried the Starbuck’s Green Tea Frappuccino?
What do you think about High End vs High Street Moisturisers?

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